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Day 1

Monday 23rd April 2012

9: 00 am         Registration and Coffee

10:00 am         Welcome and Introductions

Professor John Higgins. Head of College, Medicine and Health, UCC.

10: 20-11:00am    Keynote 1:
Professor Steve Field.
Chairman, NHS Future Forum, Chairman, National Health Inclusion Board & General Practitioner, Bellevue Medical Centre Birmingham

Reforming the NHS in England - the NHS Future Forum, a view from the non-strikers end of the pitch!

11:00-11:30am    Coffee

11:30 – 12:45pm    Oral Session 1

A:             Community Pharmacy - perceptions and roles for the future (Part 1)    

Chair: Ms. Beth Allen                    
Abstract 1     Patients’ perceptions of the current and future roles of the community pharmacist in type 2 diabetes care                                                    
Abstract 2    Evaluating student attitudes and opinions to conducting a real life health promotion campaign                                                    
Abstract 3  A non-NHS, free of charge, community pharmacy-based cardiovascular risk assessment service: the views and experiences of the service users                                            

B:      Pharmacovigilance - Optimisation of Medications (Part 1)

Chair: Prof. David Wright    
Abstract 4    Delayed antibiotic prescribing in Irish general practice: compromise or cop-out? A qualitative study                                                
Abstract 5    Incidence of Antibiotic Adverse Drug Events among Hospitalised Patients                                
Abstract 6    An evaluation of the administration of subcutaneous insulin at mealtimes in acute adult inpatients                         
Abstract 7    Investigation of the occurrence and the reason for errors in the prescription and monitoring of gentamicin in Raigmore Hospital        

C:     Novel Research Methods and Applications    

Chair: Dr. Stephen Byrne
Abstract 8    Use of the critical incident technique in focus groups: a novel method for exploring pharmacy professionalism                

Abstract 9    Are pharmacists natural behaviour change counsellors? An investigation into the elements of behaviour change counselling pharmacists include in their consultations                 
Abstract 10    Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to explore students’ perceptions of ‘professional’ and ‘unprofessional’ pharmacist identities       

Abstract 11    Developing a tool to measure medicines-related quality of life   

D:    Pharmacovigilance - Qualitative Methods

Chair: Dr. Jane Sutton
Abstract 12    An investigation of prescriber perceptions on the benefits of, and barriers to, the successful implementation of antimicrobial prescribing guidelines in secondary care                                                           
Abstract 13    “It’s about recognising how many people you’ve poisoned by giving them medication?” – thoughts of healthcare professionals on pharmacovigilance                                   
Abstract 14    Junior doctors’ knowledge, experience of and attitudes towards prescribing errors.       
Abstract 15    The perceived causes of prescribing errors made by junior doctors in Scottish hospitals    

12:45-1:45pm     Lunch and poster viewing

1:45pm        Workshops

Surveys for Beginners: Dr Erika Kennington, Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Using qualitative research methods in pharmacy practice research’ Dr Jane Sutton and Ms Hannah Family, University of Bath

Improving Communication to patients on Harms and Benefits- how can we do better? Professor D. K. Theo Raynor, University of Leeds

3:15pm        Keynote 2:
Dr June Raine,
Director of Vigilance and Risk Management of Medicines,
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Talk Title TBC

Professor Colin Bradley,
Professor of General Practice, University College Cork, Ireland.

Pharmacovigilance – The Role of the Healthcare Professional

4:15pm            Historic tour of UCC/ Opportunity to explore Cork on foot.

7:00pm                Conference Dinner at ‘Vertigo’ restaurant        

Day 2
Tuesday 24th April 2012

9:00am            Registration and Coffee

9:30am-10:15am    Keynote 3:
    Professor Michael S. Wolf,
    Associate Professor, Medicine and Learning Sciences
    Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
   Lost in Translation: Bridging Communication Gaps to Promote Medication Adherence

10:15-10:45am    Coffee

10:45-12:30pm    Oral Session 2

A:             Role evolution of the Pharmacist   

Chair: Dr. Laura Sahm
Abstract  16     Implementation of Individualised Medication Administration Guides for patients with dysphagia: Results from a pilot controlled trial

Abstract 17    Learning the professional role: how pharmacists develop during pre-registration training and their early careers

Abstract 18    Early detection of lung cancer symptoms – a role for community for pharmacy

B:     Pharmacovigilance - Appropriate use of medicines in Ireland

Chair: Dr. Dai John
Abstract 19    Potentially inappropriate prescribing in older hospitalised patients – the impact of the STOPP/START criteria on prescribing appropriateness and an evaluation of the setting in which this screening tool is applied -a pilot study.                   
Abstract 20    Medicine and Food Supplement Use Among The Older Population with Intellectual Disability of Ireland: The Intellectual Disability Supplement to The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing.                                                   
Abstract 21     A descriptive analysis of service-users attending Matt Talbot Services during 2009/2010                                                                                  
Abstract 22    Benzodiazepine prescribing: The role of community pharmacists in Ireland

C:            Policy - Service Delivery / Use of Information Technology   

Chair: Ms. Nina Barnett                           
Abstract 23    Tackling health inequalities by means of an evidence-based health promotion programme                                             
Abstract 24    Communication of clinical information upon hospital discharge: A regional audit                                            
Abstract 25    Views of Community Pharmacists Regarding the New Medicine Service prior to its implementation                                           
Abstract 26    Assessment of the level of technology adoption in pharmaceutical service delivery in tertiary hospitals in Southwestern Nigeria                                           

D:    Pharmacovigilance - The effects of implications

Chair: Dr. Sarah Wilson   

Abstract 27    The impact of treatment side-effects upon medication adherence                                   
Abstract 28    Pharmacists on Multidisciplinary Primary Care Teams: A Qualitative Analysis of Integration                                   
Abstract 29    Non-medical prescribers’ views on optimising adverse drug reaction reporting                                   
Abstract 30    Views of Superintendent Pharmacists Regarding the New Medicine Service prior to its implementation                       

E:    PhD Forum
Chair: Dr. Stephen Byrne

12:30-2:00pm    Lunch and attended poster session    

2:00pm- 3:00pm    Oral Session 3

A:            Community Pharmacy - perceptions and roles for the future (Part 2)   

Chair: Dr. James Desborough
Abstract 31    Incidence and pharmacotherapeutic management of anxiety, depression and excessive alcohol use in cancer patients                       
Abstract 32    Community pharmacists in Sudan: their current role and views on their potential future role                                
Abstract 33    Community pharmacists’ job stress and well-being: does it make a difference where you work?                           

Abstract 34    Communication barriers and enablers of delivering and receiving alcohol brief intervention in community pharmacies: community pharmacists’ and pharmacy customers’ experience.

B:    Education of Healthcare Professional (Pharmacy)

Chair: Dr. Mary Tully       
Abstract 35    Online discussion of pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement: a qualitative analysis                                                               
Abstract 36    Thinking aloud: use of a research technique with pharmacy students and qualified pharmacists                                                               
Abstract 37    Inadequate numeracy skills of students entering the MPharm programme: diagnosing the problem                                                               
Abstract 38    Why are some university staff considered better lecturers than others? An exploratory focus group using a ranking exercise to capture final year MPharm students’ opinions            

C :    Pharmacovigilance - Optimisation of Medications (Part 2)

Chair: Ms. Beth Allen   
Abstract 39     Liquid Medicine For Children: Are Doses Measurable?

Abstract 40    The prevalence of prescribing errors amongst junior doctors in Scotland   

Abstract 41    Pharmacist-conducted Medicines Reconciliation on admission of patients to hospital: A pilot study using standardised documentation

Abstract 42    Using hospital pharmacy dispensing records to categorise referrals to the RAID service: a preliminary study

D:    Communication and the role of the pharmacist

Chair: Dr. Laura Sahm
Abstract 43    Assessment of the temporal effect of pharmacist counselling on warfarin knowledge in patients newly prescribed warfarin                                           
Abstract 44    “It’s the best part of the job” community pharmacist-patient consultations: A focus group study                                            
Abstract 45    Assessing the impact of Direct Healthcare Professional Communications for medicines on Pharmacy Practice                                                       
3:00-3:45pm        Keynote 4: 
    Professor Tony Avery
    Professor of Primary Healthcare, University of Nottingham, UK

Patient reporting of ADRs to the UK Yellow Card Scheme

3:45-4:00pm        Conference Summary, Prizes and Handover








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