HSRPP                 Health Services Research and Pharmacy Practice


HSRPP Conference Preston 2013

Abstract Judging Criteria

Marking grid for Abstracts (qualitative / quantitative only) - (pdf)






Are the aims clearly stated?

Aims not stated

Aims presented but not entirely clear

Aims clearly presented

Is the design appropriate?

Design does not appear to be appropriate

Design seems appropriate although other methods may have been better

Design seems entirely appropriate to the research question

Is the method clearly described?

Method not described

Method described to a limited extent but all aspects of method not entirely clear

Method clearly and unequivocally described

Have the resutls (both positive and negative) been described clearly?

No findings are mentioned

Findings mentioned but unclear or not well described

Findings clearly identified and well described.

Are the results discussed fully with implications for practice research and/ or policy?

Implications of the research result are not discussed

Implications not clear or not well discussed

Clear implications for practice, research or policy discussed



Good reason for outright rejection


Possible reason for rejection


Good reason for acceptance


Disclaimer – Final decision is based on the abstract as a whole. The HSRPP will not enter into discussion on their final decisions.